pennies on the moon.

I woke and it was dark and the moonlight seemed too pale so I got up and walked to the window and saw a small silver sickle emerging from the dirty penny shadow cast by the earth. It was blurry so I put on my glasses and stared for a moment. My camera sat on the chest of drawers to my left. My phone was on my desk. The sliver of silver hung in the sky with the thumb of copper. I stood in the ghostly light, surrounded by the darkness, and watched, debating for a moment whether to pick my camera up and fiddle with it enough to get a decent photo. My indecision drew me further from sleep and so I thought simply to let that moment stand without any record but my memory. Pyjama-clad, looking up into the cool, clear autumn night (well, morning really) as the moon slowly shed our shadow. Whatever dream interrupted had faded. The earth stood between the moon and the sun and I stood between my bed and the window and for once on a Monday morning I had some idea of where I was in the universe.


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