A comment on comments...

I deleted a comment yesterday. Someone named Myron posted a link to his blog and a call to the extreme right. That is not on. If you want to comment on what I've written, even if it's disparaging my taste in Paul Simon, that's fine. On my blog, that's your right. That's protected in the 1st Amendment of the Singular State of My Fucking Blog. You want to pimp your own lunatic views, without even bothering to read my nonsense or comment on it, then stick to Your Fucking Blog. That goes for the extreme right, extreme left, extreme centrists and extreme Buddhists.

I don't think I'll have to worry about the last two. I don't think extreme centrists can actually exist by definition and extreme Buddhists will have achieved total enlightenment, and have no need to pimp their views.

Here's a pretty picture of the view outside my window.