Cadiz pics

These are the crazy city walls that defend the old city of Cadiz. Those road entrances were only added in the 50s. For hundreds of years before hand the only entrance was that central gate.
This is the only decent shot I got of the cathedral due to my poor navigation skills. Still, you can see how it's half marble and half oyster stone (that's the local stone).
This is one of the forts that defended the city, with Graeme looking out for enemy warships. He didn't find any, so we went to lunch.

This is where we had lunch. Those are real pig legs hanging from the ceiling. It was brilliant.

These are the Cruzcampo beer taps. Bronzed pig legs. Now that's a beer tap, none of this rubbish tennents with neon red "T"s.

The whole city juts out into the Atlantic and is protected by these enourmous sea walls. I would have loved to see it during a storm but was happy that the weather, aside from a bit of rain when we first got there, was quite nice.

Those hills, across the water and partially obscured by mist... that's Africa. Graeme and I were giddy when it clicked. Across that water and behind those hills: the vast continental expanse stretched beyond. It was a very strange and wonderful feeling. Like, oh, around that corner, that's a continent.