A few bits and pieces...

The Day's Stuff:
Today was a good day at work. I sorted out all of the things I should have sorted yesterday as well as taking care of quite a few of today's tasks as well, maybe even all of them. I don't really make to-do lists though, so I can't tell. Maybe I should start.

The Food Stuff:
I made myself carbonara tonight. This is my ultimate comfort food and I love making it. I don't use any cream; just the best eggs you can get, the best bacon you can get, fresh garlic, fresh parsley, LOTS of parmesan and really good pasta. It took me a long time to get it right so I'm pleased with it.

One time I made it with goose eggs. They're amazing but not easy to come by - I'm lucky in that one of my bosses keeps geese, and an occasional bonus at the beginning of Spring is a couple of goose eggs. The yolk is massive and it is by far the richest, uh, well, poultry product I've ever had. And it made great carbonara. I served it to 3 beautiful women who all seemed to like it, so it must have been good, right?

The Other Stuff:
My friend Alicia pointed out one of the coolest blogs I've ever seen, called fafblog. It's kind of loopy but definitely my sort of satire. You really have to see for yourself. Like Nono's, I cannot do it justice.

Another winner is this. Some hit and miss, but certainly worth checking out every once in awhile.

Debated with myself about taking off the poison head rant. It's pretty personal. I'll leave it for now.

The early evening light in St Andrews is just incredible. Just rich, bright, gold and it seems to intensify once it hits the stone of the town. Remarkable. Will try to get a pic and post it. Will have to rely on my digital for it as I'm not good enough with the SLR yet. The pic below was a bit after sunrise in April, taken from the front balcony of my flat.