Jerez pics 4

This is the old tasting room at Gonzalez Byass. It was roped off when Manuel Maria Gonzalez died in the 1880s and has remained untouched since then. That's Vikki on the right. She's 5th generation Gonzalez and a gracious hostess.

I had to get a picture of the barrel signed by Spielberg because I'm a film geek. I should've got a shot of the one signed by Cole Porter as well, but I'm a fool. Ah well.

I wish I could do this. It's really impressive when you see it done, and I'm pleased this shot came out so well, but it's still nowhere near as cool as seeing it done in person.

This was our last night - amazing light and in the left you can see the Tio Pepe weather vein which is the largest weather vein in the world. Graeme didn't get what the fuss was about.

Graeme having dined hugely on our last night.

Me having dined hugely on our last night.