Radio glory... or not?

Well, the radio show Thursday night was huge amounts of fun; ridiculous chat, a hodgepodge of music and some lovely wines ruled the evening. Andy and myself actually answered some booze questions as well, much to the surprise of all. Les Bell, DJ extraordinaire, belted out some cracking chat. From what he said, his hardcore fans enjoyed it. It was a bit strange though - I haven't been on the radio for a very long time and the sense of removal from the audience makes it hard to get an idea of how well you're doing. On stage you can tell if the audience gets it. On air you're sort of talking to yourself. The pic shows Andy C waxing lyrical while Les watches on. The show was meant to be available for download but hadn't been posted when I checked today. I'm not sure if everyone will get it, but check it out at your own risk - not for those with delicate sensibilities.

Leaving Edinburgh at 645 Friday morning to make my 9 shift was fun as well. Note dripping sarcasm.

I'm in London at the moment on holiday and recovering from a huge weekend. There will be some more posts and photos detailing the partying, polo, cooking, drinking, traveling etc. that took place.