Self-inflicted wounds...

Self-inflicted wounds receive no sympathy.

I have a lapping hangover. Like a calm sea, it caresses, lapping quietly; making me aware of its existence and its power without hurting me. A bit of dizziness, an odd sense of being out of sync with the world around me, an urge to listen to Jimmy Buffett; this is my state right now. I'm enjoying it.

A force ten hangover would toss me about like a cork in a tempest. And it would hurt.

Customers are arriving with inane questions and I'm enjoying it.

I like this hangover.

It came about through drinking with old friends from different stages in my life. One was an ex-girlfriend. I mentioned her briefly, saying she makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt. This is still the case. Her friends are also my friends and they too make me smile so much my cheeks hurt. There was a great deal of laughter, silly chat in silly voices, pizza and wine. I realised how incredibly beautiful they all were, not simply in the aesthetic sense but because their amazing character shines through and enhances their looks. They are pretty hot too.

Maybe hangovers made in the company of beautiful women hurt less.

Grumpiness and depression are self-inflicted wounds as well. They don't tend to lap. And most of the time they don't deserve sympathy. I don't think I'll discuss them here anymore. Because it occurred to me that I mention them here to garner sympathy and to attract attention. That's not so cool. It's also pointless for 2 reasons. One is that reading about someone being miserable and grumpy is no fun. The other is that I don't think anyone actually reads this.

Jimmy Buffett is great hangover music.