Stuff & another comment on comments...

Right, here's the deal: popping in to say "nice blog" just so you can leave links to your commercial nonsense is not cool. They'll be deleted immediately. It is a new amendment in the Constitution of the Singular State of My Fucking Blog. Much like the British Constitution; I make it up as I go along.

Oh, and saying "nice blog" when I rant just goes to show you're not reading anything. I wouldn't describe this blog as "nice". A blog about puppies and kittens is "nice". There's nothing wrong with that. I like puppies and kittens. But remember, they're for life, not just for Christmas.

In spite of irksome spam comments things that are cool are as follows: lunch, radio, fafblog mugs, fafblog t-shirts, puppies, kittens, Floretta, Pico and women.

So the balance of power firmly lies with the cool yet again, as it should be.