Cozy clothes time

It's wet, windy and horrible at the moment. And I don't really mind. It's my first day off in 11 days and I'm enjoying a cozy jumper, comfy jeans and flannel lined slippers. I can take the rubbish weather - even enjoy it. I would have a nice cup of tea but there's only skimmed milk in the house. It's just chalky water. And while I can enjoy the rubbish weather, enjoying it is based on looking out the window rather than actually going out in it.

I packed. Finally. I sent about 100kg of clothes and books down to London yesterday. At a guess, I'd say it was close to half of the stuff I need to send. The secret was drinking a bottle of nice wine with dinner, then having a couple of beers while packing. I also watched the "Sahara" DVD, which was huge amounts of fun. Just straight up outrageous adventure.

I would be lying though, if I said I didn't get a bit choked up while packing my stuff away.Up to 11 years worth of memories. That's a lot.

I got some pictures back from the developers. There were a few from the tail end of the polo, and the rest were from Shorehead. I'm pretty proud of this one. I know lense flare is meant to be something to avoid but I think it looks cool in this. I'm also not entirely sure how to avoid it yet (still very new to this). But that's St Andrews pier and East Sands in the morning sun with the clouds doing some crazy panoramic stuff. It's a good hangover cure, that view.

This was a total spur of the moment shot from my balcony. I really like the colour in it. If I'd taken my time, I perhaps could have framed it without the white van. But then I would have lost the bottom corner of the poo bin. I dunno. I'm just really pleased because I wasn't trying to take pictures of fishermen, I was just hanging out on the balcony and as soon as I saw this guy loading up I just thought "I need a shot of this". I feel pretentious now. Because I like a picture I took of a guy wearing yellow wellies.

Dinner last night was nice. I did lemon sole instead of haddock (the haddock didn't look all that great to be honest). Fish is still a mystery to me, so when I get it right there's a smile on my face.
I promised myself I wouldn't talk about anything that was upsetting my guest. She's been low recently and has had a lot of other people helping and sometimes not helping with their opinions and advice. I've done the same. I figured the best thing to do was to just have a nice dinner and talk about life otherwise. It wasn't easy. I like shooting my mouth off and I hate seeing friends hurt. This combination has lead to vitriolic rants regarding the causes of hurting that can be unappreciated when I (obviously) don't know 100% of what's going on because, to a large extent, it's none of my fucking business.
So we had a lovely evening instead of a rant. We also had ice cream. Ice cream may well be the physical antithesis of a rant.
She asked me what I thought of Katrina and everything surrounding it.

My thought is this: shit happens. That's why we developed sewers. If the sewer is fucked when shit happens, then shit gets everywhere. It turns out that our sewage system is a pre-Victorian haven for otherwise failed and incompetent public works officials who, while knowing that shit happens, hoped that it wouldn't happen on their shift as they don't know how to run a fucking sewer. It happened on their shift. And they are the sewer. So they should all be sacked. Especially the head of the Sewage Works. Then of course, the sewer needs to be rebuilt.

Sorry about that. Don't often get political here. I usually have better things to do.

The rain's stopped. Might go get some milk for my tea.