More cool & uncool (Or, "Is There Balance In The Force?")

This is from my back garden in London - it had been pouring with rain all day but began to clear up just as the sun was setting. I really like this shot.

I'm mildly frazzled at the moment. Everyone's asking me to explain, precisely, what I'm going to London to do. And I don't really know. Ok, that's a lie. I do know. I'm going to write. But just saying that is a bit embarrassing. I don't know why. So instead I say I'm finishing some writing "projects". Which sounds like a bunch of bullshit and more pretentious than if I just said, "I'm going to write". It's my own insecurities creeping up on me.

Anyway. The number of people who've been supportive warms the heart. I never expected to be congratulated for leaving my job. But it's apt. And the genuine interest it's generating is enouraging.

The tip of my right ring finger has suddenly gone numb. I have no idea why. It happened while I was moving laundry from the washing machine to the tumble drier. Unaware that there must be some complicated series of finger stretching exercises to prepare for such exertion, I just leapt in an did it. Silly me. Having said that, if prep were actually required for every action, no one would do anything. And action is worth a few numb fingertips. Even if it is weirding me out.

What's cool at the moment:
Dinner - I'm cooking tonight. Wild smoked salmon to start and roast gigot of lamb as a main course. The wines will be exceptional.
Kaiser Chiefs - New album. Enjoying it a great deal.
Moving to London - Is very cool. I'm giddy. I've said that before. I'll probably say it again.
My friends - Have been, are, and always will be truly amazing people. At the height of self-doubt, you realise you must be a good person for such wonderful people to like, love and care for you. Even when they act weird. Especially when they act weird.
The haar - The sea fog is in today, and usually I hate it. But it's fighting a battle with brilliant sunshine. It provides calm entertainment.
My cuppa - I didn't have any beer in the fridge. Odd. So I made myself a cup of tea instead. It's tasting ace. Really. Instead of beer; who'd've thought?
Atonement - reading a new book. It's very good. And I actually have some time to read it. To be honest, I've only just started it, but it's starting well.
Ireland - fate is bringing me to the emerald isle twice in a week (my brother-in-law's 40th and my mate's wedding). So I think I may go once and make a holiday of it. This is where I hope I have both a driving license and a car. I've not been to Ireland since my nephew's christening. That was 5 years and 2 girlfriends ago. And I've been single for 2 1/2 years. So it's an overdue trip.
My "Summer 2005" mix and my "New Mix 2001" - great tunes for walking around London, or indeed anywhere. I may even post the playlists if people want to know what's on them.
The person who set this up - live information on New Orleans. Totally non-profit. There are some truly good people in this world.

What's uncool at the moment:
War - in general.
Numb fingertips - Seriously. It's weird.
The haar - An example of the duality and hypocrisy of life.
The aftermath of Katrina - An act of nature in itself cannot be uncool. The devastation compounded by human error can be uncool and is uncool. As is the suffering. In fact, it's not uncool, it's horrendous.
Failing - My driving test. The epitome of uncool.
Single for 2 1/2 years - I'm not that bad. Honest. What's up with that?!

Once again there is more that is cool in the world than uncool. Or in my world at least. Aside from weird fingertip issues.