Night walks and beer...

One of the problems with being a rambunctious and, well, loud, individual is that when you don't behave in such a manner, people think there's something horrendously wrong with you. I'm in quiet mode right now. I'm actually a pretty quiet person in general, though I make a lot of noise to hide it. It's just I don't have much to say right now. There's only so many times I can explain to people that I'm excited and nervous and there is a lot on my mind. And it's not all bad. So I've had a lot of "Are you ok?" with heartfelt concern thrown at me. It is heartwarming. But I am ok. I may not be behaving to type, I may be in my own little world, but I'm fine. I am preparing to write a novel. Much of my dialogue will internal at the moment.
Anyway, these shots were taken the other night on an extended walk to meet people in the pub. They bailed because they suck. But I did get some nice nightshots of St Andrews. I don't have a tripod or a monopod, so for the first picture I used my knee to steady the camera. It's from the beginning of the St Andrews pier, looking towards the castle ruins at sunset. I thought it was a good idea to take some night shots as a great deal of my novel takes place in St Andrews at night and while I have many vivid memories of the town at night, writing the book in Chiswick means that I won't be able to just pop out and make sure I've got things right. This shot of the chapel came out quite cool. I took it holding my camera through the gate entrance on Butts Wynd.
I spent a lot of the time considering what places meant the most to me and how best to represent them. I walked by my old flat, a slightly fictionalised version of which will be where the main character in the book lives. I haven't lived there in seven years. I know that the best years of your life are meant to be this one and the next, but looking back on my life I certainly see academic year '98-'99 as a very close run third. The flat was called Castlegate.
It was a short walk to the cathedral so I decided to take a couple of shots. It's important in terms of the book. I can't really say why yet.
Then I got a text from Andy saying he needed a beer, so my voyage to the pub was resurrected. Which was good as I really did need a beer or two. He'd been down South helping his mum out with some personal stuff and needed to unwind. I'd been walking around St Andrews for 2 hours and was pretty drained.

I received a wedding invitation this morning. It is the third I've got for a wedding in November. November, it would seem, is the new May. These invitations do a fantastic job at reminding me that I'm single at 29.

If you see me, and I'm acting quiet, say hi. Please don't ask if I'm ok.