Twitches and Switches

My right eyelid started twitching a couple of weeks ago. This had never happened before, so I did what most guys do when their body starts acting peculiar: I ignored it and hoped it would go away. Oh, and hoped no one else would notice. I looked in the mirror when it started to see if it was noticeable. It kind of was. That knowledge, along with the fact that it's nigh impossible to ignore anything going wrong with your eye, made it hard to ignore. Nightmare images of tumors behind the eye and nesting insects popped into my head everytime my eyelid flickered. Not pleasant. So I finally asked a doctor, but not without trepidation. He said I was exhausted, stressed, and that there were no burrowing, nesting insects and no ocular tumor. This morning, my left eye started to twitch. Does that mean I'm twice as exhausted and stressed as when it was just my right eye?

I opened up the shop this morning and was nearly electrocuted when turning on the light. The occasional spark when flicking a switch is nothing to be concerned about. Crackling? Hissing? The wiff of ozone? That's scary shit man. I made the executive decision to leave that half of the shop in darkness. I've been electrocuted once in this shop (a vengeful refrigerator) and vowed never to have it happen again.

The light switch is fixed now. My light twitch is not.