Breakfast and evolution

The twitch is driving me slowly crazy. I think it is a failing of human evolution that a reaction/symptom to/of stress is something so inherently nerve-wracking that it winds up stressing you out more. Surely when faced with stress my body should start kicking out loads of endorphines to chill me out. Or simply knock my uptight arse out with some sort of protective bout of unconsiousness. But no. It manifests itself in creepy eyelid behaviour. The sort that makes people wonder if I'm repressing some sort of serial killer attitude. If it has be be a twitch of some description, why the eye? Why not my pinky? Sure, typing would be more difficult but it wouldn't be quite so "don't mention the war; horrible things happened to him in the war - that's why he has a twitch", it would be more a "your pinky twitches? so what?" issue.

And, apparently, the duck-billed platypus is poisonous. Why?

Evolution must be the answer, because that isn't exactly intelligent design, really, now is it? It's stupid. Twitches and poisonous, egg-laying mammals with bird-mouths. That's why I like evolution. Because sometimes, like with everything else in the world, it's just that little bit retarded.

Had a fun breakfast this morning. Good food and good chat. As the rest of the day is going to be spent working (or at least at the shop), I fear that it will have been the high point. But that's not so bad.