The Castle & Cruise's

The fact that we got wrecked the night before the wedding came as no surprise to anyone. We've been partying for 11 years together and it had been awhile since the last time, so the rounds kept coming and coming. Beforehand was a meal at Ballyhinnon Castle(Luke P will no doubt inform me whether I got the name right), a self-catering palace that, sadly, was not my residence for the evening. It was where I discovered a trick with my camera that I wound up over-using the drunker I got. You'll see. Cruise's was a brilliant pub in Ennis. I mentioned it in my last post.This is the castle where a bunch of us were staying. I stole Adam's tripod for this and put my digital into "night" mode w/o flash. Night mode with flash comes up later.

Luke P squaring up against a suit of armour, with hubby-to-be looking quite smart. As he had actually just been legally married (but not humanistly). Weird vapour trails huh? This is night mode with the flash on... subjects still in focus but long exposure light trails? Kid-with-new-toy alert!

Meal - spag bol with me trying out new fun camera setting.

A metaphor for his married future?

Would you marry this man?

Giles is another old mate - he, Matt & I lived in Castlegate together. Total legend.

Unexpected bonus of the wedding weekend was catching up with these two cats. Huber (his shinty name; normal name Tim. Prefer Huber) on the left and Toad (real name: Adrian). Smoking cheap stogies out in the rain and talking nonsense. Huber (sporting a shiner from being smacked in the face with a lacrosse ball) is training to be a priest (!!) and Toad is a teacher on Jersey. It was awesome to catch up and drink lots together again.

It is a little known Irish tradition that one must be congratulated by a pirate in the pub the evening before your marriage, lest on a honeymoon cruise you fall victim to rampaging pirates who will show no mercy to newlyweds as they have not been congratulated beforehand. So it's quite lucky Matt bumped into this guy really. What? I'm serious, man; check it on the 'net if you don't believe me.