Ireland in words & pics 1

I'm sitting in my sister's kitchen wondering how the last 10 days slipped by so quickly. My flight leaves Dublin in two hours. I didn't keep a diary this holiday, so words will be reflective rather than spur-of-the-moment. Well, hopefully they'll be reflective. Maybe I'll just let the photos do the talking.
Sadly, no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. In fact, I think it's a bungalow. This was taken from the 1st class carriage of the Dublin-Cork train. And when I say 1st class, it's only in the limited sense that it was separated from the rest of the car by a door. Here we are in one of the 3 locals in the remote village of Castletownsend on the South coast of Ireland. Luke P on the left, myself in the middle and the legendary Andrew Hendry on the right. Many pints had been consumed and we had started on the sambucas. I really like this pic.The morning light pours into the window of the amazing Georgian town house we were staying in. The weather was schizophrenic, bathing us in glorious sunshine and soaking us to the bone.

I am now in the airport, enjoying what I thought would be my last Guinness of the trip. But my flight's delayed. A lot. Like, 3 hours delayed. Bastards. So I think I may have a few more Guinness... but I'm running out of Euros! D'oh!!!Young Matthew Wicken chilling out on the harbour the morning after our first night in Castletownsend (he and I arrived on the Monday - everyone else got there Friday night or Saturday morning). He's the younger brother of James, who lives in Nepal and flew out with his wife for the wedding. Both are salt of the earth. And not your Tesco Value salt either, but hardcore Maldon Sea Salt. Does that make them salt of the sea? Anyway, Matt's about to emigrate to Australia to be with his woman.This is the house we stayed in Castletownsend - we had the entirety of the top two floors and it was huge! The original oak floors undulated giving the impression of one at sea. There were 8 of us: Luke P, Andrew H, James W, Suman W, Georgina W, James M & Matt W. It was cozy and provided a great base for exploring the hidden nooks of West Cork. It was €320 for the eight of us for 5 days. Ridiculously cheap. Unlike the rest of my holiday. Or life, in fact.