Ireland SLR pics. And some other things as well.

These I've mulled over for awhile... bore my vast (not) readership with more pics from Ireland? Well, I really like these. I'm proud of them, darnit, so you'll just have to grin and bear it or wait until I post another nonsense about British Gas or frog-gigging or something.

This is Luke P in front of the parish church in Castletownsend. It was empty on All Soul's Day, and I couldn't work out why, until I discovered it of Church of Ireland as opposed to Roman Catholic.

The harbour at Castletownsend, the morning we left - I was taking pictures while everyone tidied the flat. Oops.
I really like this - even though the colours aren't that vivid, you have the stunning Ring of Kerry coastline in the background, and James Wicken returning from a quick pee in the foreground. Nice juxtaposition.

This was just lucky - and I'm sure there's something wrong with it because I think I like it too much for it to be as good or nice as I think it is. If you spot what's wrong with it, don't tell me.

A close up of the Skelligs - they're really jaggedy, don't you think? Norman Ackroyd RA, one of my favourite print artists, has done some really spectacular studies of these, like this one.

Looking out towards the Skelligs from Bray Head (odd name, that). Should I have risked life and limb and stood right out on that bit of turf, high above the pounding surf and very, very sharp rocks, just to get a cleaner shot? No. Just a hobby guys. There's no one standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square with their shopping. Anyway, I still like the shot. I even like the foreground. So there.

In other news, I think I have a job. Temporary, but it means that I'll have some form of income. I'll know more when the 'rents return.

Oh, and go buy the The Best of the Beta Band Music double CD. Their music is awesome and the extra CD, live at Shepherd's Bush from their farewell tour, is incredible.