Ireland words & pics 3

Just got my SLR photos developed and more turned out ok than I'd hoped. That said, I did lose three rolls due to... uhm... accidents. And there were some issues with dirty lenses and a beach. So, well, not perfect, but the ones that came out well, I'm very happy with. I'll put those on a different post. I'm still new to the photography thing, so bear with me. I have to keep telling myself to be patient. And the hour I just spent on hold with British Gas is good practice

These are still all digital and from our voyage around the Ring of Kerry. This voyage was a last minute decision that turned out for the best. Some of the most stunning scenery I've laid eyes on really. The photos don't do it justice.That last one was taken on Friday morning on Valentia Island. The two jagged islands on the right are called the Skelligs, and apparently some drunken religious cult used to get wrecked out there. Not much else to do on a rock I suppose. The night before was spent in Cahersiveen (sort of the capital of the north of the Ring) and we found a brilliant pub that recalled a bygone era, combining public house and hardware! Called Mike Murt's, you could purchase fishing reels from the shelf next to the optics and the atmosphere charged as the owner was getting married the following day. And to save on furniture, they put cardboard on top of old kegs. Genius.See? Kegs! If only all problems could be solved so easily.