Ho ho ho...

Nobody fought.

The food was amazing (I did the stuffing, the gravy for the beef and an apple, pear and plum crumble).

There was A LOT of food.

Those new to Christmas at mine were welcomed with open arms and had a blast.

I got a cool tie.

I'm serious - one of my favourite presents was an awesome tie. And no, that doesn't make me boring.

My parents danced like teenagers.

I got lots of hugs from pretty girls.

Look - it's a navy blue tie and it has all these penguins on it - half the penguins are skinny and half are fat. And next to the skinny ones it says, "A fairy hat penguin" (it's wearing a fairy hat) and next to the fat ones it says, "A hairy fat penguin" as it's furry. I love it. So there.

Nobody got too drunk.

The port was lovely. As was the stilton.

Fats Domino replaced Christmas carols just in time!

Everyone was genuinely on good form.

I think most of us were pretty shocked by how well it all went. Reading into that sort of cynism? Well, I think I'll just leave it and be happy we had a brilliant Christmas.

Some pics, taken with my brand new Canon EOS 350D digital SLR (tied with the tie as best present):This is me with Alia & Kath - old friends who were a brilliant addition to Christmas fun an not only enjoyed themselves but pitched in big style.

Looking out the window onto the river on Christmas afternoon. I like this shot. Getting used to autofocus. It's weird and makes funny noises.

One of the best gifts of the day: Freudian Slippers. Slippers with Freud's face and your toes are in the tongue. I'm sure whoever invented these was a genius. Someone gave them to my aunt (who has consumed the vast majority of my Green & Black's Butterscotch) I want a pair for myself. I would wear them with my new tie.

My aunt and my mother dancing to Fats Domino for my dad. My aunt kindly did loads of washing up (as she'd done no cooking) - hence the blue rubber gloves. My mate Ali in the background helps himself to the port while enjoying the floorshow.

They were dancing and I nearly caught them in the act but I didn't but it was still sweet and lovely.

Today has been a day of many leftovers. And a walk to the pub for a pint. In the pub were American tourists arguing over whether Leicester was pronounced "lie-sester" or "lie-chester". Fingernails on chalk would have sounded far better. The beer tasted ace though!