Let it snow...

It just snowed for like, 15 mintes. And now the sun's come out - no fair.

I'm resuming normal exercise today having had a 6-day hiatus. It's going to suck. Like, really.

I've got to send my iPod nano back to Apple because the screen's gone funny. And not because of pansy scratch marks but it seems to be possessed.

And speaking of possession, the belfry is kind of a weird home sometimes. You see, there are lots of trees whose branches come into contact with the roof and windows and general structure of it. And trees, well, they can make some pretty weird noises. Branches scratching on windows and all that. And they groan. That's spooky. There have been a fair few nights and early mornings that I have been officially creeped out. There have been times when I've crept down the spiral staircase, my old cane in hand for defence, convinced that someone's opened the door downstairs. It's a good thing there wasn't, for I looked ridiculous on every occasion.

The snow is now one of those microscopic flurries that, were it to continue, would provide about an inch of snow after about a million years.