A view of the Belfry

I thought I'd let you in on what the Belfry looks like. It's a bit messy at the moment, and so I thought showing it would - well, I don't know really. Perhaps inspire me to tidy it. Which was a mission for this evening, though as with most missions that include tidying, I'm finding other things to do. And during the tidying, I will find other things to do. Bits and pieces that stop me in my tracks and require a moment or two to reminisce.

This is the wall of my bedroom in the Belfry. There aren't any other pictures of the bedroom as that's a bit more public than I'm willing to be. But this pennant is now 20 years old and has some considerable sentimental value so it gets a picture.

My office. This is where I write. It's in the guest room at the top of the spiral staircase. The poster in the top right was a student movie I was in way back in '01. It's pretty messy in that picture. It's not much better now, to be honest. In fact, it's worse. Hence my need to tidy.

The Belfry guestroom/office. I took this from the top of the spiral staircase. I've hit my head so many times on that supporting beam it beggars belief. I think I knocked myself out once, but it could have just been a terrible hangover.

The guestroom again, taken from my desk, from a different angle and with my Red Sox hat slightly blurred in the forground. Thrilling eh? I best start tidying.