Up and down again. Yesterday I took a train to Edinburgh and this morning I took one back. Some strange things happened in the meantime. I attended a 30th birthday party. I had a late lunch in Harvey Nichols. The chocolate sauce had seperated on my dessert - rookie error but it was still yummy so I held my tongue. I drank too much port after the party. Some people said silly things at silly times in silly company but all was good.

You'll all be relieved that I forgot my camera and as such have not any pics from the party. To make up for it I think I'll post some more New Year pics.

On a note so far removed from any of the other notes, has anyone noticed how often I use "..." in my post titles? It's ridiculous. It ends immediately. Such lazy use of punctuation is simply not acceptable on this blog, and I apologise to all 6 or 7 of you out there that read my nonsense. It shan't happen again.

"Shan't" is a cool abbreviation.

I'm tired.