bed head

I took a nap this afternoon, waiting for a phonecall that never actually came. The lack of phonecall didn't bug me too much. I didn't feel like going out. It was a text that woke me, an unexpected one, bearing bad tidings. I was incredulous at first. Then it kind of settled in. There've been a few things like that of late. It seems advancing years makes bad news more serious. There's more at stake I guess. And I'm not even 30 yet. Getting there though.

So I wake up from my nap and I have bed head. Or, technically, couch head. I don't have much hair left and I tend to keep it pretty short. So having enough to get messed up was a bit of a novelty. It's a very small thing. Memories cropped up. Strange what triggers these things.

And Scotland lost. Bummer. And Ireland lost. Bummer.

I miss being in St Andrews for the rugby.

On a lighter note - it would appear that Andy's adventures in NZ have started with a bit of a bang. I got a brilliant drunken text from him and responded with my own drunken text. Some things never change. Thank goodness.