git & gadgets

Pete Doherty's been arrested again. This time for stealing a car. Humorous tidbits include that it was in Birmingham and that he was in the company of two Dundonians. Oh, and he was in possession of class A drugs. But that's kind of a "duh" bit of info. He's become the class clown, with the teacher looking sternly at the class, commanding the children not to pay attention as it only encourages him. Well then, teacher, throw his scrawny smacked-up arse in jail. Then we won't be able to see him. And insist that every penny of royalties from his albums goes to drug rehab clinics. And not the Priory or any of those swank places, but real rehab clinics that help truly destitute addicts, desperate to get clean.

Apple is releasing a new gadget today. I have no idea what it is, but I'm sure that once I see it I'll think of some way that a) I can afford it and b) I need it. Both of these sentiments will be lies. Quite bold lies as well. I need no more gadgets. I cannot afford anymore gadgets. What if it's more than one gadget that's released? Oh dear.