more new stuff. and pics.

It seems there's a mini renaissance in discovery at the moment. Will there be diver tourists destroying it in no time? Will rare goby find its way to the menus of the obscenely rich (probably not - goby ain't eatin' fish)? Will the new species of sponge and seaweed find themselves in the latest range of Herbal Essences Shampoos and Conditioners? Will Sir David Attenborough postpone retirement for a new series entitled: All This Crazy Weird Shit I've Never Seen Before? While I sincerely hope not, nothing would really surprise me. Although the Attenborough thing would be cool. Especially with that title. Because there's not much that the man hasn't seen to be honest.

Sometimes I wonder what the sibling rivalry between Sir David and Lord Dickie is like. They're both pretty badass. Lord Dickie comes out with "I was in the Great Escape" and Sir David jumps in with "I was cuddled by a family of mountain gorrillas". Lord Dickie's returns with a volley "I won an oscar for Ghandi" and Sir David has a bit of trouble with that one until he remembers that he wrote and narrated/starred in Life on Earth, The Living Planet, The Trials of Life, Blue Planet & The Life of Mammals, the greatest nature documentaries ever made. So he mentions this and Lord Dickie remarks about working with Spielberg on Jurassic Park at which point Sir David say, "Ah yes, Dickie, but the animals that I worked with were really there."

Then they'd get into a big fight.

Or something like that.

I took some arty photos today for the first time in ages. Some of them turned out ok. I was using digital, but set to black & white (most of them anyway, there were a couple of colour ones that turned out ok as well). It was nice to get out for a snap anyway. Off to see The New World this afternoon. Supposed to be quite remarkable