airports & numbers

3 - bookshops

0 - number of bookshops carrying the book I want to buy

20 - minutes ago my flight was meant to board

1 - beers I've drunk

4 - beers I wish I'd drunk

3 - bottles of whisky I've resisted the temptation to buy

10 - times in a minute that I've looked at the departures board hoping to at least be given a departure gate

2 - bottles of wine in my backpack

1 - bag over the hand luggage limit

75 - percent chance of getting away with being over the hand luggage limit

12 - minutes it took me to regret eating a pizza instead of a salad

6 - times I was tempted while standing in the queue at Smith's to buy a signed copy of Being Jordan at £4 off the cover price, just for the humour value.

3 - times I thought of buying it as a joke present

15 - times I reminded myself I cannot afford presents, much less joke presents

13 - minutes after purchasing a pen in Smith's that I found the pen I thought I'd left on my desk

18 - minutes before my flight is meant to be taking off

2 - minutes spent looking at iPods

1 - minute spent in Fat Face. I left as soon as I saw something I wanted to buy

23 - times I've cursed easyJet for not putting up a "delayed until..." message so that I could go spend too much on several beers

8 - announcements over the tannoy that I've been unable to decipher

1 - announcements over the tannoy that I've been able to decipher