causeway and belfast

Belfast may seem a long way to go for a dinner party. Especially when you have to pass through Gatwick South Terminal, a dreadful hole that seems to have an unhealthy balance of neds and chavs flying through. But if the company's good and there's wine to be drunk then there's no distance too far. A lovely weekend, with Jo very kindly driving us up to The Giant's Causeway. Which may seem like a long way to go to look at rocks. But they're special rocks left by a giant, so there's no distance too far to go for that either.

It was a blast. In some cases of frigid air as it's bloody freezing at the moment.

A camera shy Jo pours herself a glass of wine. Her new kitchen is huge. And her flatmates are lovely.

Ellie conquers the large stones along The Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway
Not The Giant's Causeway, but cool pics nonetheless.