the food

2 new things in life today. 1, a new restaurant. Beauberry House is a grade 1 listed Georgian mansion nestled in a small park in Dulwich. Crazy Japanese fusion cuisine that looked and tasted amazing. Funky but pure and simple flavours. Exceptional beef, oysters, cod, chicken, tuna - all of our dishes were cooked to perfection. Seared tuna spring rolls, oysters wrapped in fried egg noodles served on a bed of buttered leeks in the half shell, tanaki beef - I'm still smiling thinking about it. And very groovy decor to boot. Check out the chandeliers:

Only one criticism - the fruit garnishing the desert was out of season and tasteless. Other than that? Awesome, inspiring and all those other comments that good restaurants make me feel but I'm nervous to utter lest my food geekery overtake me completely.

Sadly, it's in Dulwich. Which is, in technical terms, fucking miles away from Chiswick. Worth the journey though, I assure you. Go there. Eat there.

For the antithesis of the meal described, check this out.