Odd London pics

Snappy Snaps are thieving gypsy over-exposing bastards and no one should grace them with their custom. £30 for two rolls of film with cd transfer? Load of bollocks. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. In any case, they developed a couple of films for me today and unearthed some fun shots that I intend to share. Bastards.

This is the only one of a series of shots that came out ok. It looks odd, because that's not the sun, it's the moon, and I think I left the shutter open for about 20 seconds. All the others were badly blurred. Still not too pleased with it, as there's no detail on the moon, but everything else looks cool. And there's a weird twilight quality about it. There's also amateur lens flare kicking about.

This is my view everymorning when I exercise; riveting, really.

One of the few purposefully arty photos I've ever taken, and the first use of my tripod. I really like this if only for the reason that it's exactly what I wanted the pic to be. It's just a reflection but it came out as I hoped it would. Not common for my pictures.