I fly to Boston this afternoon, a year and a day since my last visit. I've already got a boarding pass, thanks to the miracle of the internet and me not losing my booking reference. I haven't packed yet. I'm dreading it. Packing. The trip is warming on me. I love Boston. I've got some free time and no money, so I'll get a lot of writing done, take some pics as well. If I'm real lucky, I'll get my godfather to give me one of his season tickets to Fenway on Saturday. If I'm luckier there'll be scores of attractive single women at the wedding on Sunday.

I've not decided whether I'm bringing the laptop or not, but there'll be some posts no doubt.

Dinner last night was lovely. I failed to have a bad time, in spite of a brooding and grumpy day beforehand. It was sort of a birthday party. I got presents and everything.