much more later

I know, I know; nothing posted in awhile. I'm sorry. It seems the world goes marching on whether I post or not, and the recent cabinet reshuffle (yes, I do pay attention to some of this stuff) led to one of my dad's classic comments, "Margaret Beckett is the new foreign secretary? Fuck, I don't think she's even been to Scotland." Rock on, pops.

Blair's government getting mud on its face - a good thing.

Lunatic ignorant fascist scum like the BNP taking advantage of it - a bad thing.

There will be some more today. I was supposed to be going up to Hertfordshire to watch polo, but the weather's not so sunny and Pete's been incommunicado. Most mysterious. It gives me a chance to update my CV and catch up on correspondence and, of course, update the blog so it ain't all that bad.

Need some lunch first though.