home again?

Just woke from a nap. I used to be really good at the whole jetlag thing. Not so good anymore. Got two posts to do - maybe three - over the next couple of days to wrap the whole Boston thing. Maybe four, actually. I took a lot of notes. I want to get them typed up. There's laughter, there's tears, there are more photos to come. To give you a heads up, two of the posts are on little plane observations, one of them's about food and the other is about the wedding. But then there's one that I wanted to do on life. So that's five. Not the tastiest previews ever. If they were trailers, you wouldn't see the movie. Or at least, I wouldn't.

I'm going to order myself a curry. The food was awesome in Boston, but there's no beating a good curry when you get home. Curry, beer and The Goonies - is there a better night in that doesn't involve sex? Nope.