I am
reading: One Hundred Years of Solitude - it's brilliant, even better when you have a fever
listening: To the email alerts on the computer in the room next door - must get my iPod
drinking: Lemsip - my dad went out and got more. yay dad
writing: blog nonsense and the book
lying: on the guest bed, which has been my refuge for most of the day
hoping: I feel better by morning
pondering: a party in July
rejoicing: because I found my favourite Red Sox hat
regretting: buying two new Red Sox hats in Boston
reasoning: that one can never have enough Red Sox hats and that in buying the new ones, I ensured that I would find the old one, which I love more
realising: I shouldn't bore my readership so much with the Red Sox - but they won tonight, and the Yankees lost. heh
planning: my new set of adventures
driving: my parents to Portsmouth tomorrow
longing: for lovely, beautiful, single women to lavish me with affection. Preferably after I drop my parents off in Portsmouth.