chichester and other things

Well, I went to see a friend ordained as a deacon today. The setting was Chichester Cathedral, the sun shone brilliantly and apparently there was a football match on. It was a crowded cathedral, and because I forgot my invite, we wound up sitting watching the whole thing on television. Yup - so popular it's televised. And yes, there were several chuckles when every third bloke asked if they could turn the footie on.

This wasn't your average ordination though. If such a thing exists. But this was a bit different as it was a Shinty Boy getting ordained. Shinty is a traditional Gaelic sport, similar to field hockey, noted for its violence, lunacy and gross consumption of alcohol before, during and after play. Well, that's how it's done in St Andrews at least. Which is why St Andrews has the worst shinty team ever. They never win anything, other than the party. This has led to the occasional ejection from the Athletic Union and police trouble. Someone who not only played this sport but served as a facilitator of mayhem within it is an odd choice for the Diaconate. That he intends to become a priest subsequent also raised some eyebrows.

I have no doubts though. I remember Huber (also known as Tim) from his 1st year and had many a chat, sometimes accompanied by a whisky or two, about faith, morality, the world etc. Huber never sought to convert (thank goodness), but to understand and help in whatever may need to be understood or helped. He's as brilliant a person as you could hope to meet. The church has gained a valuable addition. And should consider itself lucky that of all the Shinty Boys they could have got, they got him.

Bless y - oh, it's you, never mind.

You can take the boys out of St Andrews, but you should probably put them back.
After his 3rd dreadful chat-up line, Doris turned to find one of those sexy new Deacons she'd heard about. Bowker, defeated, put Chicago's Greatest Hits on full blast and turned to the bottle.