real chat

No inner nagging voices tonight - just a friend whose silliness compliments mine. Got some Messenger chat that drifted into the ridiculous, so I thought I'd share some of it. No context.

Richard says: (20:50:25)
well then - you're sorted. I'll buy you some cornicing

lish says: (20:50:56)
hee actually you can buy it can't you?

Richard says: (20:51:9)
yeah- i wouldn't though

lish says: (20:51:21)
why not?

Richard says: (20:51:46)
well... it's like buying a faux bidet or something... .what's the point

Richard says: (20:51:56)
maybe not a faux bidet... that would be disastrous

lish says: (20:52:4)
christ, what would that even DO?

lish says: (20:52:13)
shoot coffee into your nevermind?

Richard says: (20:52:31)
no one uses them anyway. It would be years before the ruse was discovered

lish says: (20:52:46)
the french do. and yet they smell. go figure