You may already have seen it - I just grabbed it from a Wired link. Brilliant stuff - though probably not how the free world should be run. Enjoy. And have a good weekend.

*Update* - I don't know why I bother writing that. It's not like this is a news service. I just can't be bothered to do another post, so I'm adding to this one.



What was I going to write? Oh, yeah. Uh. Well, after all that it's stupid, but I've now had over 2000 visitors. I know it's only about 10 people 200 times. And considering this has been up for 19 months now, that's rubbish. But it's also a nice round number.

Tonight was pizza, beer and 80's comedies Real Genius and Better Off Dead. The former a reminder that Val Kilmer was once cool and the other that John Cusack has always been, and always will be, cool. And the French chick in Better Off Dead was hot. I'm not sure she was really French - but she was hot. As good a reason as any to support them in the World Cup final, I suppose. That, and the Italians cheat. Heh.