Cornwall pics 2 - St. Mawes

We travelled to St. Mawes to have dinner at a posh hotel, but they had no room for us and so we wandered about in the early evening sunshine. It was just after the funeral, and the summertime buzz of sailing, swimming, rowing and life in boundless activity served as an excellent and vivid reminder to live.

There's something about red sails - I don't know what it is, but I'd like a small green boat with red sails. Better sort out a car first though.

Not quite the Shell garage in St Andrews.

What a place to grow up in the summer - hurl yourself into the harbour, swim out to a boat and go for a sail.

Then after your sail, you head home to your thatched cottage where you have a massive pasty for tea and something involving buckets of clotted cream for dessert.