food and music

It's hard to regret a good lunch. The sun sparkled off the river, the fish was fresh, the batter light and crispy, the beer cold. The banter was good - got caught up on the past month and chatted about what the next one has to offer. Sated, my cohort and I sauntered off towards Regent's Park to take in Fruitstock, the Innocent (of smoothie fame) music festival. This was a last minute thing - I didn't even know it was on. Instead of standard music festival lunacy, it was more like 30,000 Londoners decided to have picnic in the same corner of the park. And what a good idea that was, because instead of vans selling minging mystery meat burgers, almost everything was from small, quality, organic food companies. And there was a farmer's market - at a music festival! Pure brilliance - I would say the most brilliant thing ever, but I say that a lot, and it's beginning to wear thin. I wandered around looking longingly at a cornucopia of culinary delights, cursing my full stomach.

As for the music - well, to be honest, it was pretty chilled and I was paying far too much attention to the food. Sadly, full of fish 'n chips, I could only squeeze in a wee chocolate truffle. It was brilliant though.