Road trip recovery

I slept well last night, a belly full of Mexican food and a couple of beers. This morning my cold reasserted itself and there's been a great deal of coughing and nose-blowing.

Two holidays are ending in quick succession. The road trip is done and dusted, a fantastic trip through some of the world's most beautiful places. We covered just over 700 miles in four days. I kept a journal and hope to turn those pages into something more, perhaps even profitable. I took four hundred and twenty-two pictures and no doubt a few will turn up here. I need to trim them a bit.

The other holiday has been this recent Edinburgh stay. It's been a working holiday. Charlotte and Adam get back Wednesday morning and I am soon to head back to the country and wood chopping. It won't be for long. Edinburgh and gainful employment beckon and my job hunt gathers speed.

Must unpack - and then pack.