While England and Wales recoiled from the strange atmospheric and seasonal phenomenon known as "winter" - taking them by surprise yet again - we received only a light dusting of snow, most of which is gone now. It made for a stunning run this morning. The canal froze over and the fresh snow on the ice revealed the tracks of swans and other birds, searching for holes in the ice to find food. I planned to return with my camera, but all was melting as I ran back.

The barometer in the hall fascinates me. It has a section for 'Change'. It's not qualified by anything else. The other categories are all specific, ranging from 'Very Dry' to 'Heavy Rain'. 'Change' could be anything. As it's a barometer, it's probably a change of weather. A paltry detail. I still like to see the hand pointing to change. I cross my fingers and smile, excited, and hoping it's for the better.

The winter light was amazing today
. But the snow was gone.


Things are odd in Russia, what with killer squirrels and extreme gambling.