notes ii

Some of the older buildings... walking inside seems like walking into an old photograph. The heat, the damp, saps the colour here. Outside is where it shines bright. But I guess its fleeting. The sun fades it quickly. The colour is incredible,; the light is hazy though, lazy.

Two nights in one place for the first time since I slept on my friend's couch in St Andrews. It feels odd, but nice.

I just wish the beer in hotels wasn't so fucking expensive.

I just wish they had a bar in Gwalior.

Never have I seen so much marble.

Khajuraho's temples look as though they've erupted from the earth. There's something organic about them, though they're obviously man-made. It's some manner of architectural optical illusion. Apparently, when they were built, the 85 temples were set in 60-odd man-made lakes, and travel between them was by skiff. Seeing them I couldn't have imagined how they could be more striking.

Then, imagining them set on mirrored water, under a clear sky...