sunday thoughts, musings and banter

Every time it looks to be properly Autumn the sun pops out, the wind dies down, the temperature climbs and the flies come back. So we're going to take a frisbee, a rugby ball and perhaps a cricket kit down to the beach and throw stuff at one another, hoping to catch it. In the brief time before this, my now caffeinated mind has been mulling upon some of the following:

  • This blog is in catch-up mode. I had an amazing, fun-filled summer and there will be a lot of posts looking back on it. California, Islay and France all feature heavily. So there will be a stretch where this seems more like a travel retrospective than anything else.
  • My cat is huge. And still sounds far too much like a seagull.
  • My car is dead at the moment and may need quite a lot of work to resurrect it. I've been avoiding it up until now, but am beginning to feel claustrophobic without it. Considering how long I waited to get my license, that strikes me as funny.
  • The more I realise I need a new job, the more clueless I become about what I'd like that job to be.
  • St Andrews still lacks a wide enough range of lunch options. Those who follow me on Twitter know this to be an enormous bone of contention.
  • I still can't bring myself to give up on the Red Sox this season. There is so little chance it's laughable, but whatever. Lost causes are no stranger to this team.
  • Good Morning, Nantwich, Phill Jupitus's Radio 6 memoir, is a fun read.
Right. Off to the beach.