salt & old vines

I'm back in London now, after a good two weeks working vintage at Mas Cristine. There's that post-vintage feeling, where my body heals itself while my heart and mind miss the work, the sunshine and the friendships. My hands and fingers are still leathery and calloused and a touch arthritic. I open and close them for a few minutes in the morning to get them working again. 

I need them working, as I've a lot of typing to do. You see, I've a book to finish. A book that has a publisher and everything. It's a story about wine, which is appropriate. A story about making wine down where the mountains meet the sea.

The publishers are the lovely folks at Unbound. They're a new-fangled publisher and raise support for their books in a crowd-fund-y kind of way. Most of their authors are terribly exciting and some even very famous. How they found space for an aspiring writer and hopeless wine nerd is beyond me, but I'm happy they did. 

So if you read this blog and would like to buy my book, please sign up to support the project here. You get your name in the book and everything. Isn't that exciting?