I'm just back from Dublin. A family thing, which was fraught and lovely as all family things tend to be. I got to spend a lot of time in Howth and eat a lot of good seafood, so I can't complain too much. I didn't do much writing, but I'm making up for that now. I'm up against the wall with regards to deadlines, with my first draft going to my editor and publisher on the 14th of May. There's no flexibility with this, as a schedule right up until the actual release days of the physical book have all been laid before me. Those incredible folks at Unbound have such confidence that I'll achieve full funding that they're pushing ahead regardless. Knowing the date that my book will be available as a printed thing that people can buy and read and give as presents has been quite the motivational stimulant. So have the dates closing in like the walls of the trash compactor in Star Wars (it is May 4th - I had to slip that in there).

In a parallel universe, I'd be more organised, and would be working on a second or third draft by now. In that universe, I'd be in Suffolk at my mate Luke's birthday party, buying him beer and reminding him that he's a lot older than me. Sadly, I'm stuck in this universe and am not that organised.

At least in this universe the Red Sox are in first.


Buy my book. Please.