Jerez part the third...

This was when we toured Bodegas Lustau (a sherry house) and I got grumpy... again, none of this has been edited, it's just straight from my notebook.

"Wed 11 May 2005

Lustau - lovely tour. Alex, tour guide was stunning but didn't seem to know much about sherry. ah well.

Anada 1989 Rich Oloroso - soft clean nose & lovely palate - delicious.

The oldest of their Bodegas was built in 1825 - there's very much a sense of craftsmanship throughout. Beautiful grounds. Lunch @ El Gallo Azul. Not the best of Tapas.

Finding stamps has been difficult.

Vince phoned me during the Lustau tour & has cleanly pulled me out of my pleasant holiday state of mind. I don't think he has any idea of how fucking rude it was. I don't get paid enought to be interrupted on holiday.

The large Paulaner at the Cervaceria Gorila is helping to dull my consternation, though a lethargy has set that I hope is merely aclimatising to the concept of siesta rather than losing interest in my holiday. The heat seems more clingy today, my legs seem heavier and the air thicker. The beauty of the city isn't as enchanting as it was. And this is not the fault of the town but my fault and Vince's. I think I'm closing myself off to get the grumpiness done with. I can still smile and quite fancy a Manzanilla. And Graeme's getting me one - Excellent. There is a cleansing aspect of these sherries that is almost medicinal. Either that or I'm an alcoholic. I don't think the latter.

Funny times in this place, but I like - the collection of bottles draws a smile - Fullers Old Winter Ale, Pedigree, Merlin's Alie, Belhaven McCallums, Old Legover.

The wine shop we went into had a lot more interesting sherry, was a lot posher, but didn't have the grumpy old man charm that the one yesterday did.

T.N. Paulaner Salvator - smells like ace dark beer - toasty hops & caramel, brilliant burnt toast palate. Must source this for the shop - very nutty.

More tapas to come... All tapas bars shut. Graeme & I make a terrible decision & got to the Pasteleria Los Reyes and stuff ourselves with pastries. Must walk a great deal this evening.

After a severe sugar low we headed to La Carbona which was brilliant. Pimento & tuna salad, foie gras w/PX raisins, grilled sole, the largest steak chop ever, px ice cream, choc tart.

All followed by fun & games with photos at the Alcazar."

That was the Wednesday... will have some pics up later.