Jerez pics 3

This is the massive cherry wood barrel at Lustau. All of the sherry in this gets sold exclusively in Japan. We really wanted to try it but they said no. We even said "pretty please" but they still said no. It's a sad day when even "pretty please" has no power to sway.

This is Graeme chatting to Alex, the very attractive lady from Lustau. We got no pictures of her face, for fear that all would fall for her feminine wiles. And, uh, we were to shy too ask to take a picture. We were pretty pathetic, really.

This is Graeme outside of the Bodega.

This is the Fundador, one of the landmarks of Jerez. There's a restaurant upstairs and a Tapas bar below. The tapas was ok, but not great. Cool building though.

The Cervaceria Gorila had an awesome selection of beer, and did a great job at.. well, giving us lots of beer. And sherry.

We did, in fact, eat ALL of these pastries. The woman behind the counter thought we were loco. We were tempted to order beer with our coffees as well, but thought they might commit us.

This is the dome inside the Cathedral San Salvador. I took quite a few photos inside, but with my flash turned off out of respect. Sadly, the result is a lot of underexposed, slightly blurry shots. I like this one though. Again - Moorish influence with all the geometric symmetry.

This is the fun we had after the dinner of massive steak. We played with exposure times and moving the camera this way and that. After all the wine we had it seemed like a good idea at the time. We took a LOT of these sort of shots. The blurry tower on the right is the main battlement of the Alcazar.