Midnight but later

Yesterday first.

I had a good day yesterday, though I wasted the entire morning. I hate that. I wasn't working until 2. That should mean I have up to 1:30 being productive, writing, thinking, dividing by 0... whatever. I should have at least been thinking. I answered my phone twice and went back to sleep. I got up at 1:18 and then had to work from 2 til 10.

I felt better after a few beers. I got caught up with my mate Steve; I don't see him often and he usually has interesting and sometimes great chat. We all were out for a few beers and the nice surprise of the evening came when we decided to go over to Aikmans.

Aikmans is an institution in St Andrews - one of these places that achieves greatness by not trying to achieve anything. Before I become too full of shit, I'll just say I was chuffed that Havana Swing were playing. An awesome 5 guitar (one of which bass), 1 clarinet band that is able to play great music with seemingly very little effort. The first time I saw them I bought their album and have been a fan ever since. It doesn't sound like a big deal but seeing such a great group just chilling for the evening and playing so well in such a low key venue is amazing.

And today was good because I knew that I had tomorrow off. It's been 11 days working since my last day off and while it's not much in the grand scheme of things it makes a big difference. It was Kellie's birthday as well, so I drank a massive amount of beer, ate Thai, ate cake, got caught up with Barry/Tobias, affirmed a friendship, lamented another, wished for stuff, wished for stuff for other people more, spoke to my folks and generally enjoyed myself. I wished the very best on the birthday girl cuz she deserved it.

And so I'm home. Andy's at his lady's this evening and I have this blog only... ah well. Most likely for the best.