Some stuff...

Things that are cool in life at the moment -
Thai green curry - hitting the spot
Peroni Gran Riserva - fantastic beer that is also hitting the spot
Book shops - I have an addictive personality, and while I've managed to defeat cigarettes, my adoration of book shops and compulsion to buy books remains a gripping addiction. Bit healthier than cigs though.
Astronomy - there's this Mars thing happening. Where it gets really big. Or at least looks that way to us earthlings. You've probably received an email about it. I find that really cool. I'll be checking it out that night. I am a massive geek.
Tina's baby - Tina's like a sister to me, and now she has a little boy, which is wonderful. And kind of like a nephew to me.
The Futureheads and The Magic Numbers - two very cool bands at the moment. Find their eponymous albums and play them lots.
Women - The constant mystery of the fairer sex is always cool. But it's also always really annoying.
London - Heading down after the polo, though not sure how. Very excited. Haven't been partying properly in the big smoke for ages.
Lobster - tastes good
Anything written by Andrew Greig - reading him should depress me, for I don't think I'll ever be able to produce prose as beautiful, but it's so good that it doesn't matter.
Baffi's wedding - is going to be in a castle in Ireland. How cool is that?!
My iPod - I'm sorry, but they are just the best things ever. Life needs a soundtrack, and now it has one.
My Pentax K1000 - Yes, it's old and obsolete and I don't really know how to use it. But it's still cool, and it still works.
The Red Sox - even though they lost last night.

Things that I find irksome at the moment...

Intelligent Design - One could say the best argument against intelligent design are the people who believe in it. Everyone's ranting about this right now, so I thought I'd chime in.
Women - They go on both lists. Even though they're nice to cuddle.
My weight - it's coming off, but not fast enough. I don't care about being bald and unattractive but the fat thing is wearing thin.
My job - I think I'm setting some sort of underachievement record.
Money - is once again becoming difficult.
Hangovers - totally my fault
Developing costs - for film. The other shoe drops.

There was something else. I can't quite remember what it was. Or whether it was in the cool or irksome column. Maybe it was premature senility...

There are more cool things than irksome things. That is how life should be.