Two dinners... why?

This is the view from my back balcony. I've been taking a lot of pictures from here recently. First of all, it's convenient as it's accessible from my room. Secondly, the light never seems to be the same twice. And third, possibly most pertinent, is that it won't be my back balcony for much longer. The flat is on the market. I can't afford to buy it. And even though I'm leaving, and my destiny, for the time being, is elsewhere, I love this place. And it saddens me.

I took this at Scone Palace last week when I was watching Pete C play polo. It was a beautiful sunset and I like the way this turned out, as I like to think it's technically a good photo while still being personal. You see, on the right is the Crawford Disco (Land Rover Discovery) and horsebox. If it had just been a Scottish sunset it would have been nice but boring. Of course, to most people it probably still will be, as they have no idea of the context but it doesn't matter. It brings a smile to my face. It's also the first photo taken with my Pentax I've put up here. There will be more.

So anyway. I ate 2 dinners last night. There are all sorts of excuses I could give about it - circumstance and whatnot, etiquette, yadda yadda yadda... but the truth is that every once in a while the fat git in me rears his ugly head to chow down. Thai food and then an Indian in one night. This is not a good thing in any way, shape, or form. Then, this morning, my flatmate made me a bacon sandwich. I cannot tell you how little I needed a bacon sandwich today. But how can you say no when it's made for you? Bleah.

Off to Scone again this evening to watch the polo and BBQ. I don't think I'll have lunch beforehand.