Clocks, schedules & adventures...

The river looked incredible this morning and it seems to be the precursor for the day, which is beautiful and unseasonably warm. I was going to take a walk along the river but remembered that my iMac's arriving today and so I am housebound for the time being.

I reset the grandfather clock in the hall today. I have fond memories of it from when it stood in the entry landing of my grandparents' home in Virginia. It symbolised what I later determined was a sense of legacy, but at the time felt like a mixture of fear and warmth. It's arbitrary, I suppose. We are who we are and the only effect the past has on that is how much we let it, but it's still nice to have that clock ticking away, chiming on every hour. And I'd never set it before. So I'm letting that have an effect on me; a good one.

So, Ireland is shaping up to be more fun than previously expected. Failing my second driving test got me down mostly because I was hoping to be driving through Ireland and having loads of adventures for a week. Sadly, this was quickly turning into the nightmare of bus-ing around Ireland and finding ways to occupy myself. It didn't have quite the adventurous overtones that driving solo did. Fortunately it turns out the best man and a few of my other mates are taking a cottage in Cork for a week to get used to the beer while they're over there. They're also getting a car to go sight-seeing. So adventures and old friends await and I'm actually pretty giddy about the whole thing. I mean, I was excited before, but having a place to ourselves for a week of revelry has made me excited again. So it's looking like this: Tomorrow I fly into Belfast to check out Jo's palatial new pad which is apparently so cool that she giggles and smiles like this whenever she talks about it. Drinks and food will no doubt be involved and I may even cook breakfast Saturday. Saturday down to Dublin, possibly early and by car, possibly late and by train. Saturday evening is my brother-in-law's 40th, so there's going to be much partying. Sunday - recover, spend time with nephews and then head down to Cork to meet up with the guys. Once in Cork, debate whether Beamish is better than Guinness, take lots of photos, work out that none of us have grown up as much as we probably should have, chat up pretty Irish girls and wander around, getting into trouble in-a-good-natured-mischievous-rather-than-awful-and-obnoxious way. Then Friday up to Co. Clare for the wedding. For which I am meant to be sorting out accomodation.

And speaking of driving, kind of, my quest for a license has been perturbed yet again, and I'm beginning to get very frustrated. Especially as I thought I'd had it sorted. Jan, my folks' bookkeeper and all around legend found someone who sounded really nice. So I thought I was sorted. But it turns out my test is too early in the morning for him. He's got to get his kids to school. The nearest I can change my test to is 2 weeks later! So I'm still without someone to take my test with. Bugger.

So, incredible grooviness of Ireland balanced by the wind-out-of-sails ruination of driving limbo. Balance in the universe, I guess.