Settling in...

I'm beginning to get the hang of things. My books (a large chunk of my personal belongings) are unpacked with clothes and whatnot next. I've been clearing space and come across loads of things that I just have no idea why I saved. Christmas cards from 6 years ago. Memo to self is to be more brutal about the random crap I have kicking about (manuals for video games that are so old they don't run on ANY of my current computers) and never, ever accumulate so much. Unopened envelopes from my old high school asking me to donate from some non-existant pile of money. Bleah.

Anyway. What's happened?

Well, it was a lovely weekend. Saturday lunch at the neighbours next door was fun, though I'm always a bit uncomfortable. They're very nice people and I sometimes become aware of my coarser nature. So I'm ultra well-behaved, only piping up when there's a clear pause in conversation and making sure it's something worth saying. I spoke twice during lunch. Maybe three times. I don't think of this as a bad thing because I normally talk way too much and feel that these situations balance that somehow.

Saturday evening was Kate's gig at a packed Shepherd's Bush Empire. Jo came along and we had a quick bite first and got caught up. The gig was incredible - I've been watching Kate for about 8 1/2 years now and it's just amazing to see her on such excellent form and enjoying huge success. After the tunes Jo and I rocked up to the after show party and I had some illusions shattered. You see, I had built this image in my head of celebs milling about, spraying champagne, laughing jovially and patting eachother on the back. Instead it was a bunch of low-key hangers-on, most looking uncomfortable and chain-smoking like chimneys. Then I realised I was a low-key hanger-on myself, and after downing 3 pints of Grolsch and quickly texting Kate to tell her congrats on an ace gig we made tracks.

When we got back I felt midnight snacks were in order so set about making omlettes. Mmm... omlettes.

Sunday was a day of food and wine. Sausage, bacon and pancakes were breakfast fayre and consumed with gusto. One of the pancakes came out very strange, but the others were yummy. Then, sadly, Jo had to leave before being able to enjoy the epic Sunday lunch. Well, epic is an overstatement, but I was chuffed because a few pebbles in my culinary shoe were shaken out. Roast tatties and rack of lamb: simple, but I'd never got the timing quite right on either, which is annoying. This time, both turned out perfectly. Lunch (with an old friend, Alisdair) went from about 2 to midnight with champagne, claret, port, beer and brandy consumed. I took it easy yesterday and got lots of little errands done.

So. Yeah. Things at the moment seem to be centred around having friends come over and keep me company as frequently as possible. It is a bit lonely here and I'm slowly but surely getting on with the being my own boss and having to make myself get things done. I think I accidentally threw out my to-do list. And anyone who's come to visit in the last few days, thanks.

Oh, and apparently my folks house in Key West is fine. Well, fine-ish, as in not submerged under several feet of water. You see, I was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, as Wilma weakened on approach I thought, "no problems". And the first reports about tide surges seemed under-reported. Then I found out 60% of the island was under water and it was a disaster area. So I worried, having heard nothing from my folks. There were no maps of the flooding to be had or anything and I couldn't for the life of me remember where they were meant to be. They could have been swept off the 7-mile-bridge for all I knew. But they're fine. And the house, as far as we've been able to confirm, is ok. But we'll see.

Got tickets for Ireland - off on Friday. Must buy lots of film.